Retirement is one of the most strategic times in your life. Navigating a landscape without proper planning of how to manage your income, expenses, investments and legacy can have irreversible affects. Our Advisors have tailor made strategies for their clients that enable them to confidently set proactive steps to mitigate risks, as they plan for their future and that of their loved ones.

Retirement Income

Retirement Income comes in all forms whether through rental property, investments, pension plans, 401(k) plans, retirement accounts, social security, etc.

With such dynamic retirement income streams, many diverse questions may arise, such as:


O Do I have enough saved?
O When should I begin taking my Social Security?

O Can I afford the lifestyle I want to live in retirement?

O How do I protect what I have saved?

O What are Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)?

O How can I prepared for healthcare and other unexpected costs?

O Are there ways to protect my wealth and still grow it after I retire?

O What options do I have with my 401k/retirement accounts from my job?

O Why do I have to buy back years for my pension?

O How can the government looking back on past income affect me?

4 Core Financial understands that your life savings are important to you. Over the course of your lifetime you have worked by trading your time, talent, knowledge, effort, and skillset in exchange to generate income. When you retire, your income earning years through work are behind you and it becomes more difficult to recover from ill-timed money management decisions. For example, if you were to lose 10% of your savings, it will take 11% to recover what was lost, before you begin to see any gains. During those income earning years it is easier to recover from such a loss because you accumulate assets different ways, however, now is the time to give serious thought and attention to protecting what you have earned.

Perhaps you are now trying to determine when to begin accepting your social security, maybe you have pension or 401k from one or more past employers you need to make a decision about, for some they may have rental property and are now considering whether they should you sell it or keep it and finally how are my various retirement accounts being affected by market volatility? These are all real questions that affect many retirees differently and one size definitely does not fit all! At 4 Core Financial our state licensed experienced trusted advisors help to make sense of these important decisions.

Did you know that there are three thousand (3000) different decisions you can make concerning your Social Security Pension? Has anyone explained the affect that the Secure Act may have on your retirement accounts and the impact to your family? Has anyone reviewed the hidden fees that may be attached to your retirement accounts which you pay regardless of how it performs? The truth is that while we work we focused on accumulating assets, but when we retire it is more important to protect what we have accumulated.

There are so many areas which should be reviewed that setting an appointment, at no cost to you, could be the most important decision you can make related to your retirement planning. Reach out to one of our licensed advisors today to determine what is right for your situation.

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